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InTrust Windproof shutter door which is a multi-joint moving slat connected tightly with each other in together. For the elements material which can made of aluminum, galvanized steel and 201/304/314 stainless steel. It can meet different customers’ requirement. The InTrust shutter door acts as horizontally separation as the wall. Automatic Windproof Shutter door and roller aluminum shutter ans still shutter blinds and rolling shutter price bd and stain less still shutter bd, so roller aluminum shutter and so still shutter blinds, rolling shutter price bd and stain less still shutter bd

It consists of multi types of parts, like shutter profile, guide rail/travel rail, support, shaft/pipe, cover, control system, door winder, limit switch, manual switch setting, Push button switch, safety device and so on. And it is generally installed in places where wall separation is inconvenient. Opening way has four choices: electric/automatic, manual and button.

The Technical Parameter & Product Features of Automatic Windproof shutter door:

☑ Safe: New and beautiful aluminum integral bottom beam and door’s bottom can be installed with the safety rubber protection device.
☑ There are three ways of installation: Inside installation, middle installation and outside installation. With installation size it’s very important for us which decided the whole set door can install or not.
☑ Material: it can made of aluminum and stainless steel like 201/304/316 . Different material has different long lifespan.
☑ Opening method: The quick door has a variety of manual and automatic control methods, such as electric buttons, manual drawstrings, geomagnetic induction, WiFi controlling, and etc., to meet the user’s requirements for door opening and closing methods.
☑ A safety anti-collision device can be set at the bottom of the door (optional), during closing the door, it stops quickly to ensure the safety and exit of people and things if it approaches an obstacle. The remote control and light control are optional. The door can be installed indoors or outdoors.
☑ Intelligent: Fast doors are very intelligent, only need to set the lower limit and upper limit, the fast door can be changed according to the parameters we designed after starting.

Technical Data

ProductWindproof shutter door
Thickness of Slat0.8-1.5 mm (As per clients requirement), 20/21/22gwz
Power supply1 phase 220V or 3 phase 420V
MotorSide motor 300kg/600kg/800kg/1000kg/1500kg
Controller system’sEncoder / limit switch
Width of Slat100-125 mm (As per requirement)
OpeningRoll up
Door curtainGalvanized steel, Aluminum and PVC
Opening WayElectric/Manual/Remote control/Button/WiFi
Working temperature-10 ~ +50℃
FeatureWindproof/durable/light control/strong wind resistance