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The InTrust stainless Steel rolling Shutter is a series of joints shutters which are connected by multiple joints. In the fixed slide, the door is rolled up and down around the center of the door shaft. The Automatic SS rolling shutter door has the same function of horizontal split as the wall. SS Roller Shutter consists of many parts such as slat, support, shaft, cover, control box, seat plate, track, limiter, manual switch device, button and so on. It can made of 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel raw material. Rolling Shutter in Bangladesh, Shop shutter price in Bangladesh

Automatic SS rolling Shutter is generally installed in the places where wall are not fit for separation. InTrust SS Roller Shutter design is humanized, and its appearance is fashion, beautiful and high-grade. Its surface adopts advanced pretreatment technology, which is with strong durability, anti-oxidation, rain and corrosion prevention, and a variety of colors and styles are available according to customers’ demands. The InTrust Automatic SS rolling Shutter is applicable for villas, commercial streets, residential buildings, banks, industrial plants and so on.

The Technical Parameter & Product Features of Automatic SS rolling Shutter

☑ Material: It can made of 201/304/316 stainless steel. Different material of the stainless steel has different rust-proof function.
☑ Thickness: There are different thickness of the slat for your choice. Such as 0.5mm,0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm. Different thickness has different anti-theft, windproof functions.
☑ Installation: There are three types of installation. Such as outside installation, middle installation and inside installation. All of them are depend on your own house design and choose the right installation.
☑ Opening method: The quick door has a variety of manual and automatic control methods, such as electric buttons, manual drawstrings, geomagnetic induction, WiFi controlling, and etc., to meet the user’s requirements for door opening and closing methods.
☑ A safety anti-collision device can be set at the bottom of the door (optional).When closing the door, it stops quickly to ensure the safety and exit of people and things if it approaches an obstacle, and the remote control and light control are optional. The door can be installed indoors or outdoors.
☑ Maximum Size: The stainless steel door maximum size can reach length 15000mm high 15000mm.
☑ Compared to the previous stainless steel door, we put the sound deduction into the track which can reduce the noise when the door roll up and down.
☑ The thickness of the track is 2mm and has different width of the track. Such as 70mm and 100mm. Different width of the track which depend on width of the slat.
☑ According to different needs, stainless steel can be processed into different profiles to make stainless steel rolling shutter door
☑ Its surface is beautiful and neat, a variety of usage possibilities, its color is bright and concise, simple and fashion, with strong metal texture, which conforms to the modern esthetic style.

Technical Data

We can customize the best product for our customers according to their demands.

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