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InTrust Automatic rising bollards are high-security products that prevent Independence uninvited vehicle from access. This Automatic System is works by hydraulic pressure. It is so powerful barrier and high potency. The Automatic security bollards are commonly used to protect public area, private real estate, a high-security place like the army, school, border, prison, airport, hospital, etc. It acts as a barrier visually and physically.

InTrust automatic bollards are two types 1st one is split and 2nd one is integrated type. For the split type, there is a standalone hydraulic pump. The components are bollards body, PLC controller and hydraulic pump. For the integrated type, the bollards are control by PLC controller. The electric hydraulic device built inside and The installation is so easy than others.

InTrust bollards are available in a diversity of Design, sizes and quality. The hydraulic pressure types InTrust Bollards can pop up and drop down automatically to protect people and places. It has precise control and lower noise and high-speed feature. InTrust automatic bollards products are new generation access control solution. It is easy to operate but best of all performance.

We have done the anti-crash test for the bollards. The automatic bollards that used for the test is a 273mm diameter. The thickness is 6mm. The height is 600mm. The truck is 6800kg at the speed of 65km/hour. The crash resistance is 1108kj.