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InTrust Automatic Rolling Shutter Central motor’s are suitable for both residential and industrial use. The wide range includes both shutter single motor and shutter dual motor’s, with each InTrust Rolling Shutter middle motor available either with or without electronic brake system. Depending on the weight and length of the roller shutter you want to automate, you are invited to explore our website/catalogue and chose between the various available models to find the perfect spring balance roller shutter motor to suit your needs. Shutter motor importer, Automatic Rolling Shutter Central motor in bd, Shutter motor importer

We (InTrust) offers NICE, Italy, and China- Roller shutter motors to automate the rolling shutter operation for ease of application. The roller shutter motor is capable of producing majestic powers for shutters automation and hence it is provided with safety equipment’s. Every InTrust Central shaft motor for shutters has been designed and manufactured to last many years, being made of top quality, long lasting materials. Our Rolling Shutter middle motor/Central shaft motor/Shutter Single motor of rolling shutter automation work quietly and unobtrusively.

The Features Advantage of Automatic Rolling Shutter Central motor
☑ Motor Not Visible and noise less
☑ Use Safety Spring
☑ Manual Operation all Time
☑ Thermal Protection, Built-in Speed reducer, Limit Switch• Digital Lock Remote Control and Hand Crank.