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Central Motor


InTrust Automatic Rolling Shutter Central motor’s are suitable for both residential and industrial use. The wide range includes both shutter single motor and shutter dual motor’s, with each InTrust Rolling Shutter middle motor available either with or without electronic brake system. Depending on the weight and length of the roller shutter you want to automate, you are invited to explore our website/catalogue and chose between the various available models to find the perfect spring balance roller shutter motor to suit your needs. Shutter motor importer, Automatic Rolling Shutter Central motor in bd, Shutter motor importer We (InTrust) offers NICE, Italy, and China- Roller shutter motors to automate the rolling shutter operation for ease of application. The roller shutter motor is capable of producing majestic powers for shutters automation and hence it is provided with safety equipment’s. Every InTrust Central shaft motor for shutters has been designed and manufactured to last many years, being made of top quality, long lasting materials. Our Rolling Shutter middle motor/Central shaft motor/Shutter Single motor of rolling shutter automation work quietly and unobtrusively. The Features Advantage of Automatic Rolling Shutter Central motor ☑ Motor Not Visible and noise less ☑ Use Safety Spring ☑ Manual Operation all Time ☑ Thermal Protection, Built-in Speed reducer, Limit Switch• Digital Lock Remote Control and Hand Crank.
Side Motor


InTrust Automatic Rolling Shutter Side Motor/Chain Motor is a kind of motor, which is installed at side of a shutter door, so we call it Side Motor. Side motor is a long year’s technology, as this type of motor is stronger in power; markets accept this motor as a very popular choice for heavy doors, such as factory doors, industrial doors, front shops etc. Now it is still widely popular in the markets. InTrust Supply and installed side motors, mainly the 300kg AC, 600Kg AC, 800Kg AC, 1,000Kg AC and 2,000Kg AC motors. (rolling shutter motor price & Shutter Motor Importer, rolling shutter motor price ) and Chain Motor in Bangladesh. The offered shutter motors are manufactured by using cutting edge technology and superior quality raw material at our ultra-modern production unit. A team of quality experts test these shutter motors upon different parameters for maintain their flawlessness. Besides, clients can avail these shutter motors from us at nominal prices. Chain Motor in Bangladesh Shutter. The Features & Characteristics of Automatic Rolling Shutter Side Motor: ☑ Heavy duty ☑ Electromechanical limit switch ☑ Pre-wiring capacitor. ☑ Easy unlocking with possibility of interlocking ☑ Galvanized steel guide with chain drag system Compact construction, large torque, and running without noise. ☑ With the national patent of Chain-break protection. ☑ The motor will not burn down for the protection of thermal effect ☑ Separate circuit control ensures the security ☑ Safety brake, accurate limited control positioning,with double limit switch protection, prevent door over roll-up. ☑ UPS automatic system is available, No bother of power failure ☑ Can work with remote controller ☑ Easy to install, easy to maintenance and long useful life The Advantage of Automatic Rolling Shutter Side Motor: ☑ Light and handy, superior quality: All of the motor component are well-designed , quality of which are under strictly control. And the motor case are pressure-cast with high strength Aluminum alloy, and good-look appearance. The surface is electrostatic sprayed by power and baking finished so that it may not easy to fade or get rusty.
Tubular Motor


INTRUST provide Tubular Motors in various models and specifications to Suit Individual Requirements with fine design, superior quality, solid performance, durability and trouble free. Remote Control Operated Tubular Motor Roller Window Blinds are a compact and robust product ideally Used in commercial, Residential & Industrial premises, in addition to providing ease of operation with very large openings. This type of tubular motor is designed by international advanced technology, which has high techniques, stable and reliable performance. It’s widely used on different roller shutters, Awnings, etc Tubular Motor Advantages: ☑ Connectable with external strong current switch: In the majority of hotel projects, normally the customer requires to use the strong switch of one brand to control lighting and electric window curtains. Four-core cable led by standard curtain motor has the ability to connect with strong current switch or central control system. Also it is available to externally connect with strong current switch of any other brands. ☑ Resistance and stop function: When you use hand to pull the opening or closing curtain, the curtain will automatically stop if meet resistance. Power on and power off – Manual Function: When the power is off, just do as we do to a common manual operated curtain, we can lightly pull the curtain to open and close. ☑ Strong intensity: Adopted the special material, the gear is more wear-resisting, toughness and steel feature is more stronger which will increase the service life of the gear box. ☑ Oil proof: The sealed structure helped the gear oil hard to leak, ensure the gear works normally longer.