Automatic Sliding Gate

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It is an amazing feeling, to sit comfortably in your car while the gate opens itself. The process of getting out of the car just to open the gate seems rather difficult. Basically, an electric remote control gate opener is a practical device that automates the process of opening and closing of gates or the garage doors. InTrust various types of automatic gate operator/electric gate motor that work effectively for various types of gates like the overhead doors, the swing gates, sliding gates and the 2 leaf or single leaf of industrial sliding gate automation. remote control gate price in bd, industrial gate automation in Bangladesh, automatic sliding gate motor in bd.

The automatic sliding gate operator sets the gate to open or close automatically via a radio transmission without any human assistance. The electric gate motor can be powered either DC/AC (Single and Three Phase). InTrust Automatic sliding gate motor/remote control can integrated with IP Camera, access control, long range reader and WiFi control. During power failure condition there is manual operation.

Advantages of automatic gates
☑ The security issue is the biggest reason why people are more concerned about electric gates/industrial gate automation in Bangladesh. The InTrust automatic gates do not need any physical effort to open or close. It has security codes at the side of the gate and visitors just need to input the code to the access control system to open the gate.
☑ Automatic remote control gates are durable, strong and can be available in customized sizes. It is a first security system of your property, giving you a sense of security. For additional security, a mag-lock can be added to the door. A mag-lock is an electromagnet which is fueled when the door is close. They can apply a power of 1500kg or more and in this way make it considerably harder to drive the entryway open. InTrust Automatic gates in Bangladesh provide a security to your kids who can play safe inside the property without any interference of outsiders.
☑ It is very convenient to enter and leave the automatic gates. You can activate even you are 20-30 meters away from it. No longer have you had to come down from your cars to open your gates. InTrust will provide remote as per customer requirement in case you have more than one car.