UL Listed Emergency Exit Fireproof Metal Door Fire Rated Steel Door with Window Vision

When a residential/commercial/Industrial/factory building project requires security, durability and superior insulation from its doors, vendors select fire rated doors and frames. Nowadays metal fire proof doors are also lightweight and stylish, making them a multipurpose option for both exterior and interior applications. InTrust supplies many styles of Fire door in Bangladesh and frames, so we can help you meet the requirements of any mega-project. Installation is fast, easy and safe.

InTrust Fire Rated Steel Doors expand into their frame under heat, sealing off a room where a fire has broken out to prevent the spread of smoke and flames. InTrust Fire rated doors play an important role in emergency fire methods and can be installed to help your building comply with fire safety enactment. InTrust offer fire proof from 45-180 minutes fire rated doors. This means the door will perform as intended for up to 180 minutes. Fire rated doors are best used internally to secure rooms where fire risk is high or to secure rooms containing combustibles or other contents capable to fire.

InTrust every fire rated steel door is custom made to suit existing structural openings. InTrust Fire-Rated Steel Collection offers a steel door and frame that meets the specific building code requirements. These rated systems are found in commercial settings or unique residential applications where required. InTrust designed and pressing facilities to guarantee quality and long product life, so you can depend on it to secure your premises as intended.

Features and Benefits of InTrust Fire Rated Steel Door

It adopts unique high-tech, good sealing, prevents cross-contamination, maximizes cleanliness, and air-tightness meets the standard requirements of the automatic airtight door industry standard.
The door body is firm and thick, quick opening and closing, and the air circulation is reduced to a minimum, which can prevent dust from entering the place where there is clean demand, and maintain constant humidity and constant temperature.
The overall operation is light and peaceful, and the indoor and outdoor sound insulation effects are good.
The external airtight door is directly mounted on the wall and is quick and easy to install.
Intelligent control system with adjustable parameters
Advanced brushless motor ensures silent operation
Can be connected with foot sensor switch or hand sensor switch, convenient for users
Safe and reliable, safety sensor can accurately detect the passenger and ensure guest’s safety.

Technical Data

Product Name:UL/BS/EN/CE Certificate Fireproof steel door, fire rated metal door, fire exit door
Door leaf40/50/60 mm or customized (As per Requirement)
Door MaterialGalvanized steel/Stain Less Still
Door componentDoor leaf, door frame, Panic Bar, Closer.
Fire time30/60/90/120/180 Minutes
ColorOff White/Gray/Red (As per Requirement)
Dimension900/1200/1500*2100/2400*40/60/80/100mm (W*H*T) or As per Requirement
Steel thicknessDoor leaf 0.8/1.0/1.2/1.5 mm, Door frame 1.2/1.5/2.0 mm (As per Requirement)
Opening directionInward/outward, left/right
HardwareFire lock, handle, hinges, door closer and others as per request
FeatureMoisture proof, acoustic, fireproof, Durable
DesignSingle door, Mother & son door , Double door, with/without glass vision
Lock System Fire Lock/Panic Bar
WeightAbout 70-140 kg
PackageStandard export carton with shipping marks
ApplicationSuitable for Industries, building project, firewalls, stairs, pipe shafts, cable shafts, house entrances and warehouses. etc