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Tall Security: InTrust Panasonic Sliding Door auto have progressed innovation sensor acceptance it has the bounce back work on the off chance that blocked expanding the security angles. In an crisis this entryway can be modified to respond to permit the greatest number of individuals to exit. Panasonic Sliding Door Price in Bangladesh and Auto Door Panasonic price in BD.

Product Details:

Superior Quality: H3 Panasonic sliding Door items have been tried over 100 million times with persistent opening and closing to guarantee its long benefit life. In arrange for the Panasonic mechanization hardware to be prepared for extraordinary climate conditions on the coast. It was subjected to the 48 hour salt splash test. Not as it were that, Panasonic requires all items meet the EU RoHS location, so that all INTRUST frameworks can give more vitality sparing and natural assurance System.

Equipment Extraordinary: Employments a unused cleverly brushless DC engine. Little estimate, enormous on control, quiet operation and encompasses a long life expectancy to meet client request. Deliver you more at that point you haggled for guaranteeing you’ll be fulfilled and comfortable at domestic or absent at work.

With our extraordinary security highlights, calm workings and shrewdly plans, makes us to begin with choice for your modern programmed entryway.


Motor: DC DC24V 60W DC brush-less
Door weight max.: 1x90kg, 2x90kg
Door Width: 540-1205mm
Opening speed: 14-37cm/s
Closing speed: 9-35cm/se
Open duration: 0~9s
Ambient temperature: -20℃~+50℃
Voltage: AC 200~250V 50/60Hz

Rail lengthSurface: 2.1m, 2.5mSurface:2.1m×2, 4.2m×12.5m×2 roots
TypeSingle openDouble open
Door weightBelow 90kgBelow 90kg × 2 pieces
Door width DW=600mm~1265mm600mm~1265mm
Installation methodSurface mounted
Opening speed14~37cm/s (adjustable)14~32cm/s (adjustable)
Closing speed9~35cm/s (adjustable)9~30cm/s (adjustable)
MotorDC24V 60W DC brushless
Opening time0~9 s (adjustable)
Manual opening force during power failure30.3N (90kg)36.3N (90kg)
Ambient temperature-20~+50℃
VoltageAC220V±10% 50~60HZ