Automatic Swing Doors

InTrust swing door is access control door that used for people access. InTrust Instigated Swing doors take up minimal space while maximizing opening width. Electro-mechanical  swing doors is a relatively simple, yet highly sustainable way, to enhance the performance, accessibility and capacity of an entrance or exit point. Additionally, with all InTrust sensor control Swing Door Operators manual opening is easy when required, whether for convenience or safety.

Features, Function and benefits of swing door systems

  1. Space-saving construction
  2. Easy convenient access for people with physical impairments
  3. Smooth operation
  4. Flexible assembly
  5. Attractive design
  6. Suitable for universal use
  7. Choice of swing doors operators to meet your needs
  8. External or hidden door hinges
  9. Silent opening and closing
  10. Contact-less opening
  11. Energy efficient building access
  12. Retrofitting possible without any problems
  13. Compatible with any access control system, fare collection system, ESD system, fire system, queue system, visitor management system, etc
  14. Size and design can be customized as per requirements.

InTrust Automatic swing remote control door system can often be used in most places like in bank, fitness center, office building, school, cafe, warehouses, and metro station, supermarket entrance, etc. InTrust can also Integrated with any access control system like finger pint  face detector.